Slip and Fall Cases

“Slip and Fall” claims in Georgia are governed by a very tight framework of laws that first provide that the land owner, typically a commercial establishment, have “notice” of the hazardous condition causing the fall and a reasonable opportunity to “cure” the condition. Thus, from a legal perspective, it’s not enough simply that the fall has occurred on their property. Please know these claims are often hotly contested among landowners or businesses in the absence of an open and obvious danger and almost always require the use of an expert witness. The Kurz Law Group, LLC also has strong relationships with various expert witnesses in slip and fall claims, some of whom have participated in seminars to the legal community throughout the State of Georgia, and together we have a strong track record of establishing liability where other law firms could not. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall incident, we strongly urge you to immediately contact this firm so that we can perform a thorough evaluation of your potential claim and to preserve any evidence tending to support a claim for liability.

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