Legitimation and Child Support

Establishing legitimation or parentage under Georgia law is a tedious process and most times should not attempt to be accomplished without the use of a qualified attorney. If you would like to establish parentage of your child through DNA or other testing for the purpose of obtaining child support, or in connection with another legal matter, we strongly encourage you to contact the Kurz Law Group. Please know that the sooner parentage is established against an individual, the sooner the payment of child support can be imposed.

There are numerous cases throughout this State were individuals are ordered through the Court to pay child support, but they willfully evade their obligation and the consequences can be severe. They can include getting arrested for contempt of court, suspension of driving privileges, and the Court setting a “purge amount” or amount of arrearages to be immediately satisfied before the individual is let out of custody. There are also numerous cases where individuals “under report” their income or work “off the books” in order to pay less than required or at an amount equal to if they earned minimum wage.

Please do not attempt to navigate your way through the court system until you have consulted with a qualified lawyer from this firm. Whether you are attempting to establish parentage, to obtain child support, or to have your existing child support order “upwardly modified,” contact us for a free consultation to discuss how the Kurz Law Group might be of assistance to your during your free confidential case evaluation.