Domestic Violence

Domestic and family violence as defined in Georgia, can be one of the more serious offenses any individual can be charged with, and there is almost always more than meets the eye with such a serious and inflammatory allegation. In fact, due to the very nature of the allegation itself, law enforcement officers are quick to act upon this serious charge, and many individuals are falsely accused just so that one party can attempt to achieve a perceived procedural advantage over the other in their divorce case. To the extent that you have been charged with such an offense, or if you have been the victim of such an offense, we strongly urge you to contact the Kurz Law Group to discuss your legal rights.

There are several factors which can impact the outcome of a charge of domestic or family violence, and it is imperative that anyone involved in such a case be properly advised of securing all the evidence which might impact the result. This would include formulating a witness list, obtaining written statements before memories fade, and possibly enrolling in anger management classes before your court date if you are the accused. Similarly, if you have initiated such charges, or contemplate initiating such charges, it is critically important that you be properly advised as to how to build your case, or to be advised as to the consequences of initiating fraudulent or unsubstantiated charges.

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