Probation Violations

At the conclusion of an individual’s jail sentence, or often in place of a custodial sentence, a Court will place someone “on probation” in order to restrict their whereabouts or behavior(s) for a certain period of time until the criminal sentence is complete. “Technical violations” are when a probationer fails to report to his or her probation officer or fails to perform some other ministerial act arising out of their probation, such as mailing in monthly payments to the supervising agency. “Substantive violations” are more serious, such as when a probationer breaks the more substantive terms of his or her probation, such as consorting with a prohibited individual or group of individuals, or committing a similar crime during the period of probation. In either event, both have consequences that must be dealt with through the Court, and our skilled attorneys will work diligently to minimize the impact of any probation violations so that the client can resume the balance of their probation without incident.