Misdemeanors are defined as crimes that are punishable by less than one year in prison. Therefore, since these penalties are generally “less than” a more “serious” crime, a Court will not require you to have an attorney. However, please understand that misdemeanor convictions are often no less important than felony convictions when it comes to your reputation and your ability to secure a job. In plain English, most employers will simply pass over a job applicant with a criminal record instead of one without. Most people charged with such crimes are first offenders or they simply don’t have enough experience with the criminal system to realize the harsh impact that a guilty plea or conviction can have upon their personal lives – and they don’t have to. In the case of most misdemeanors, depending on the nature of the offense and our client’s criminal history, our attorneys can generally negotiate an agreement with the prosecutors’ office of your county to ensure that the matter is appropriately disposed of and kept off of your record going forward.