Drug Crimes and Felonies

If you have been charged with a drug crime or other serious felony, we strongly encourage you to contact Kurz Law Group immediately to discuss your legal rights. From the onset, we will fight to get you the lowest and most reasonable bond permitted so that we might immediately begin to prepare the defense of your case. To that end, it is essential that we obtain all information in the possession of the prosecutor, such as copies of all warrants, police reports, and statements of any witnesses alleged to support the criminal charges against you. Please know that we will work closely with you at all times as we navigate our way through this process and your questions will be answered every step of the way.

See OCGA Sec. 16-13-1, et seq. Possession of marijuana, cocaine, or other controlled substance.

Examples of drug crimes include:

  • possession
  • distribution
  • trafficking
  • possession with intent to sell

…among others.