Same-Sex Marriage Increases Potential for Same-Sex Divorce, Leaving Both Courts and Lawyers Scratching Their Heads

With many states now permitting “gay” or “same-sex marriages,” one is left to wonder of its potential to impact upon long-standing divorce and family law. While Georgia has not yet adopted any legislation providing for gay or same-sex marriage, the following discussion shall serve as a cursory analysis of some of the main legal issues presented by such marriages, particularly as they stand in contrast to “traditional,” or heterosexual marriages.

Trayvon Martin

Self Defense and Deadly Force

Everyone is talking about the George Zimmerman trial. Did you watch it on HLNtv.com as much as I did? This widely publicized trial seemed to crystallize at least three important legal issues: self-defense, the justified use of deadly force, and the pitfalls potentially arising from attempting to make a citizen’s arrest. Another unfortunate consequence of this case was the strong divide among racial lines when examining the players involved. This part of the case will not be included in this discussion.